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Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Animals, Birds, Bugs, Costa Rica, Travel, Uncategorized | 14 comments

Capture the Color Contest

Capture the Color Contest

Well after completely mis-reading a post from A Dull Roar and then re-reading said post – I see that I have been nominated by ADR to participate in a photography contest – thanks Casey. Being in Dallas and not Costa Rica right now and not having my camera and hard drive available I am limited in my picture selection to that which is on my computer. So some of these may be a stretch.

The idea is to present travel photos from your neighborhood that illustrate Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White as well as to pass the baton to 5 other blogs (see below the photos for my blog recommendations). Here is what I have…











My Blog Recommendations to Participate:

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Greg Seymour is a quitter. At 41 Greg and his wife Jen quit their jobs, sold damn near everything they owned and became Intentionally Unemployed and retired early to Costa Rica.
In addition to writing on this blog, Greg has written for other online publications and has written two popular books about living in Costa Rica:
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  1. I love all of these photos–good idea to use the mist for “white.”

    • Thanks Emily…I like clever use of white over it’s the only thing I had.

  2. I would like to sit down review your entire gallery…….nice stuff from LD….Pura Vida

    • Bring it on…much more by the time you arrive…bring some beer – it’ll take a while.

      • im thinking more like beer and some juice of the famed agave plant……Pura Vida……..enjoy the land of cheese…..JB

        • I am actually in Corpus Christi while Jen is in Wisc. As you know, your drink choice is fine by me.

  3. I liked the choices!! The moon pic was beautiful, and the yellow bird in the water was a good catch!!

    • Thanks! The moon is a favorite of mine as well. I had some better shots of the bird but they did not show the “yellow”. Check out the picts on my “Greg Seymour” face book page…I believe they are there…somewhere.

  4. Nicely done Gregorio! I really like the one of the flycatcher. Cheers and good luck!

    • Thanks Casey….Much appreciated!

  5. I work at the law firm with Sterling Brown. Leaving next Wednesday the 2nd for our 2nd trip to CR – want to retire there. Sterling and I were talking and he mentioned you and then sent me the link to your blog. Will follow your blog and may have questions if you don’t mind.

    • Hi Vickie, Sterling and I have known each other for a very long time…great guy. What part of the country are you visiting? I am happy to help with your research anyway that I can. Feel free to email me at with any questions. Also, take a look at my resource page – specifically the Face Book and Yahoo groups set up for expats – they are a wealth of information about all aspects of moving to and living in Costa Rica.


  6. Great pic of the “pericos” … we had these as regular visitors to our “cas” and avocado trees in our backyard in Cartago!

    • Thanks! They would alert me to their arrival just after sun-rise and, for this picture, I was able to catch them right as they left the tree. Thanks for the comment.

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