On my website, I try to hit the topic of Costa Rica from various points of interest. I usually fail and just end up providing observations based on our daily lives here or topics I am especially interested in, in my special way. But still, some types of questions come up frequently enough that I feel I need to, at the very least, provide a resource for.

One such question group is about family travel in Costa Rica: traveling with kids, schooling, finding social activities, integrating kids into a foreign country, etc.

Unfortunately (for you, not me), I don’t have a clue about traveling the globe with kids, much less Costa Rica.

Fortunately, I know people.

One of our friends here in the Central Valley has traveled extensively with her family in tow; husband and two toddlers. The last two years they have spent in Costa Rica. Emily Shea, aka – The Travel Mother – writes a blog about living in and traveling around foreign countries with a family.

She has recently written a quick book with the 15 most asked questions she gets asked about being an expat with a family in Costa Rica.

  • What’s it like giving birth in Costa Rica?
  • How is the healthcare in Costa Rica?
  • What about schooling?
  • How can I find affordable housing?
  • How has living in Costa Rica altered your family?

… and 10 more.

Pura VidaPura Vida for Parents
Top 15 FAQs on Living in Costa Rica with Kids

Buy it on Amazon for only .99.


After reading her FAQ’s head over to TravelMother.com to read about their adventures throughout the world and the tips she has learned through traveling with kids.

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