Greg and JenCosta Rica Curious

My name is Greg Seymour, call me Gregorio, I live in the Central Valley town of Grecia in Costa Rica. My wife and I retired here in our early 40’s with the hopes of living a more healthy life; one filled with adventure and without the “Earn More, Buy More” trappings of North America. Early retirement has been a goal of mine for many years, but only during the last 2 years was the decision made to retire outside of the good ole US of A. This website is designed to share with you the things we learned while researching early retirement in a foreign country as well as things we are learning as we live in Costa Rica and hopefully, offer you some resources that were not available to us when we were researching countries in which to retire to.

When I speak of early retirement I do not mean sitting on a porch whittling a stick all day. OK – part of my definition of retirement does include sitting on a porch and drinking coffee every morning with my wonderful wife Jen and watching the sunrise, but I digress. My idea of retirement was to transition out of the 10 – 12 hour workdays and being on-call 24/7 — into a slower paced life. I am currently Intentionally Unemployed and becoming accustomed to my new home with no immediate plan to work.

Jen, my wife, recently published her first book – Costa Rica Chica –  about our decision to retire early, and move to Costa Rica.

Please buy it.

Pura Vida,