I read a lot and I read on a lot of different subjects and genres; fiction and not. During the last year, with our pending and executed move, one subject dominated my reading time – Costa Rica.

When it came to this subject I took a shotgun approach – I read anything and everything I could get my hands on if it related in anyway to Costa Rica. I read blogs, forums, magazines, books and articles. My reading was scattered because, so to, were my objectives.

I wanted to find facts, I wanted to get opinions, and I wanted thoughts and musings as they related to living, visiting and retiring in Costa Rica. As we progressed from desire to move, to planning to move and finally to action, I wanted to absorb everything I could on the subject of Costa Rica. Taking this approach did cause some problems when it came to separating fact from conjecture and opinion.

BECR Front cover finalIn the end and looking back I wish I had had one book that covered all of my questions. At the time, I do not believe, that resource existed. It does now and is a book titled: Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica. In the book, author Shannon Enete, covers almost all of the questions we had while researching our move to Costa Rica.

Mail System, Banking and Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Perpetual tourism Vs Establishing Residency, Apps and Electronics that work well here, Buying a Car, finding a Home to Rent, Buying a Home, Setting up Utilities– and the list goes on and on. It really is a comprehensive book for researching a move to Costa Rica.

I wish we had had access to Becoming an Expat: Costa Rica when we were researching our move. It would not have negated all the other reading that I did but it would have been the go to source for accurate and factual information and would have alleviated some of the stress caused by inaccurate information.

As with my review of Happier Than a Billionaire, I receive nothing for reviewing this book and giving it my thumbs up. The book really does fill a gap and I believe it is very useful for due diligence for Costa Rica.

Purchase at Amazon by clicking HERE. 

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