Better late than never – right?

January was spent making sure my new book, Living in and Visiting Costa Rica, was ready to upload to the Amazon selling machine. It took me until the 4th of February to get it finished and get it listed. Pura Vida.

Because of this, I only posted two posts last month: the previous month’s blog stats, and a funny little guest post. Sorry to leave you guys high and dry – but now you have about 125 blog posts worth of information at Amazon for only $3, or for free if you a member of Amazon Prime (see link to free trial below).

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I’ll stop plugging my book now and tell you how I did in regards to blog stats for January

Social Media

Twitter         24,134 (-104)
FaceBook    1,882 (+52)
Google +     139 (+4)

Blog Traffic

Page Views                 4,597 (-332)
Returning Visits         611 (-307)
New Visits (Unique)  1,990 (-56)
Subscribers                 121 (+14)

Traffic Sources

Social Media   17% (-20)
Direct               19% (even)
Search              64% ( +20)

Website Barometers

Domain Authority  27 (moved up again – NICE!)
Page Authority        38 (moved up again – NICE!)
Page Rank                2
Alexa Rank              2,356,015 (+301,140 – lost some ground)

A much bigger deal than finishing the book in January was hitting the 20 year marriage milestone. Jen and I spent several days in luxury at Manuel Antonio and we each wrote new vows for each other. Mine started off with this sentence:

“At the tender age of 22 I stood at an alter and vowed things that I had no clue of their meanings.”

It’s true, but I have a pretty good idea what has made our marriage a success (aside from being married to a badass), Jen and I have grown together where others would have grown apart, and we have celebrated our differences instead of having them create strife. Not that life is perfect, but with the right partner it can be pretty damn good.

More to come.


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