November has come and gone – can you believe it?

I remember going through the holidays last year and publishing posts both on Thanksgiving and on Christmas day. Neither got much traction as people were, rightfully, celebrating with their families.

So, November saw one less post from me than in October as I took the week of Thanksgiving off. In addition, I used some of free time to finish writing a small book that will eventually make it to Amazon as a Kindle Single. The book is about the things I have learned that I wish I would have learned before moving here – and, the sometimes humorous way I learned them.

In November I also added to my “About” menu tab creating 2 additional pages: Writing Portfolio and Support page. I also created a new Menu item “Marketplace” which has information on Jen’s book Costa Rica Chica as well as a friends farm that is for sale just outside of Grecia.

For December, my Christmas wish is to post 10 blogposts (hey, this is one of them – only 9 to go), get my book finished and approved by Amazon, continue to kill it on Social Media, and to be more active in Blogger groups that can help get my blog to more readers.

Social Media

I have done a good job growing my Twitter and FaceBook fan page. I use a tool called TweetAdder to help me in this cause. The program allows you to follow and unfollow targeted Twitter followers. It allows you to send scheduled Tweets and to Auto-Retweet those of your choosing. The way TweetAdder helps with FaceBook is that you can send an Auto Direct Message when someone starts following you on Twitter letting them know about your FB page.

If you sign up through the link above, I get a cut. I pay for and use the service whether or not I make any money from it – it is just a good tool. Plus, the cost is the same to you, whether you sign up through my or directly from the company and you get to test drive it for a week for free.

If you do sign up and want a tutorial, just send me a message.

Twitter         24,232 (+1,447)
FaceBook    1,812 (+56)
Google +     126 (+27)

Blog Traffic

I posted 6 blogposts in November, as opposed to the 7 in October. I get anywhere from 300 – 1,000 hits from a blogpost on the day I post it. That is part of the dip in traffic.

For December I plan to improve navigation on my site and include more internal links. My “Bounce” rate is a bit high at 78%. That means that 78% of the people who read my blog read one page and then leave. That is not all bad, in that the majority of my traffic is from Social Media, meaning I notify FaceBook groups and Twitter that I have a new blogpost out – they go to it, read it, then leave.  The challenge, still, is to get the search traffic to my site, people who are new who want to explore.

Page Views                 4,837 (-1,364)
Returning Visits         1,,121 (-84)
New Visits (Unique)  2,027 (-781)

Traffic Sources

Social Media   42% (-16)
Direct               23% (+ 8)
Search              35% ( +8)

Website Barometers

Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Page Rank take quite a bit of change for them to move – I am happy as long as they don’t go down, and I expect them to go up over the next couple of months.

Alexa ranks both globally and locally – the lower the better. November is the first month (that I have tracked) where I rank with Alexa for Costa Rica.

Domain Authority  25 (no movement)
Page Authority        36 (no movement)
Page Rank                2 (this metric is only updated a couple of times a year)
Alexa Rank              2,188,372/4537 CR (-154,331/zero)

Click here to view October Stats.

Thanks for following me in my blog journey.

Hasta Pronto,



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