As I compile my blog stats from October I realize that not everyone who reads is interested in blogging. To be honest, like many of the things I write and post, I am doing this for me as much as anyone else. I know that if I track these things they will improve… and hey, they did improve from September to October.

I started at zero in a couple of categories, the most important of which is subscribers. I had built the subscriber list to a little over 200 when I decided to give my blog a make over by installing a new theme.

Big Mistake

The new theme wrecked havoc on many things, including wiping out my subscriber list. Fine, I said to myself. I had been wanting to try AWeber’s email marketing platform for sometime and this gave me the opportunity to do that. While AWeber is not free, in fact as far as marketing tools I use, it is the most expensive, but it allows me to interact much more with my subscribers than just sending them blog updates.

For example, the email chain-of-events that happened when you signed up (you did sign up, right?) that ends with you having a free eBook of my favorite photo’s and motivational quotes – well that all is set up in AWeber. I can set the program to automatically send those emails as opposed to sending them out myself –  69 separate emails – which is what it would have taken me in October as I grew my subscriber list from zero to 69.

Automation is wonderful when it comes to the repetitive tasks of blogging. You can test drive AWeber for a month for a buck. If you try and buy through my link I will make a commission.

Social Media

Next up in the stat department are CRC’s social media stats. You will notice when we get to the blog traffic stats that a very large percentage of my traffic comes from social media – primarily FaceBook and Twitter. Google + is an area I have struggled with (read: totally ignored) and so G+ growth is now a part of my strategy.

Twitter         22,785 (+2,185)
FaceBook    1,756 (+81)
Google +     99 (+34)

Blog Traffic

I posted 7 blogposts in October, as opposed to zero in September, so it is no wonder that traffic spiked. The goal is to keep the number of posts up and write engaging content. My last post in October got the most “hits” with about 700 views on the day it was posted. Most of those views came from social media sharing on FaceBook Groups and Twitter.

Page Views                  6,211 (+3,450)
Returning Visits         1,205 (+833)
New Visits (Unique)  2,807 (+1,595)

Traffic Sources

Traffic is traffic is traffic – not really. The holy grail for me is the search traffic. Search traffic is the barometer that tells you that people are finding your site/posts organically through search terms. Getting traffic this way means that you are ranking your keywords with the various search engines and that people can find you without you directing them to a post (social media).

Surprisingly, I rank number 1 for “Live in Grecia” and number 3 for “Grecia Costa Rica” on Google. Yeah me.

Social Media   58% (+ 22)
Direct               15% (+ 3)
Search              27% ( -25)

Website Barometers

Domain Authority  25 (+25 was not ranked in September)
Page Authority        36 (+36 was not ranked in September)
Page Rank                2 (this metric is only updated a couple of times a year)
Alexa Rank              2,342,703 (-90,197 the lower the better)

So, there you have it. I am happy with the focus I had in October and with the immediate results of that effort. I hope you find this interesting. If you have any questions or want some help with your blog shoot an email to

Hasta Pronto,



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