During the research for our move to Costa Rica, we relied heavily on books about Costa Rica, blogs, websites, and forums to help us make informed choices. I have compiled a Resource Page that has websites, blogs, and online newspapers that can help you in your search.

Now I have compiled a list of my favorite books on Costa Rica to help in your research, whether the research is for a visit, or for a move here.

monkey Kindle CoverFirst up is my book. Living in and Visiting Costa Rica – 100 Tips, Trips, Traps, and Facts.

Written in an informal and humorous style the book is great for visitors and expats alike.
Find out:
* What cell phone app you need here for the restroom?
* 3 things you can’t do in a CR bank that are common in the US.
* The requirements to set up a CR cell phone account.
… and much more.

Personal Narratives

Some of the books that interest me most are those that recount the author’s journey to Costa Rica. Here are some of my favorites:

Costa Rica ChicaHow could I not include the book in which I have a starring role?
My wife Jen’s account of our journey to Costa Rica:
The factors that motivated a move to a foreign country, our decision making process, and personal stories of our adventures in moving and retiring here.

A fun, motivating read (if I do say so myself). Costa Rica Chica is available from Amazon in both eBook and paperback.


Costa Rica CuriousIt is a reality that men and women think differently. With that in mind I decided to write my own version of why and how we moved to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Curious, like my first book, is written in a humorous manner and lets the reader following along as we tire of the American Dream, figure out how to do something about it, and then live in the country for a while.



ParadiseParadise Imperfect is Margo Page’s memoir of her family’s year-long sabbatical in Monteverde.

The book is filled with humor and clever turns of phrase.

With insight and honesty, the book gives a good introduction to daily life and living in Costa Rica with a family, specifically in Monteverde.


Travelogues and Guidebooks

2 WeeksTwo Weeks in Costa Rica was one of the books we read before making our move to Costa Rica. We have since met the authors (Matt and Jenn) who made the move to CR shortly after we did.

The book recounts their two week vacation to Costa Rica that caused them to consider exiting the fast paced life they were living.

Part travelogue part guidebook, Two Weeks in Costa Rica is a great read.

Also look at Matt and Jenn’s new book Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries.

Moon Costa RicaMoon – Costa Rica’s guide to Costa Rica gives a great overview of: places to go, things to do, and must sees.

Award-winning travel writer Christopher P. Baker shows travelers the way to the best of Costa Rica.

Whether it’s surfing the beaches of Golfo Dulce, hiking in Corcovado National Park, or dining in the upscale Escazu barrio in San José.


For Potential Costa Rica Expats

Becoming an ExpatBecoming an Expat – Costa Rica is an incredible resource for those wanting to move to Costa Rica.

Information is given for many subjects: Residency types, opening a bank account, driving, information of schools for children, and much more. Read my review of Becoming an Expat – Costa Rica.

The author also now has Becoming an Expat – Ecuador in her ever-growing series of expat guidebooks.

Unraveling the MysteriesArden Brink has been here, and done that.

When Arden decided to move to Costa Rica with her husband, her parents (both in their 80s), her two dogs and two cats, she started documenting the process through her writing. Since she had searched in vain for a book that she felt gave her the personal insights of “real people” who had moved to Costa Rica like she was doing, she realized that she could help others by sharing her experiences and helping keep others from having to re-invent the wheel.

That book became – Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to Costa Rica

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