Costa Rican Colones CoinsI love the change in Costa Rica. Maybe because it is the only thing Jen lets me have in my pocket; that’s a good thing too – if you knew my spending habits, you would agree. It’s not that I don’t want to be frugal. In fact, I am frugal – very frugal – when I don’t have money of the folding variety, in my pocket. But I digress.

The change in Costa Rica can get you to town and back, the cost is only 420 colones or about 85 cents – each way. Two 500 colone coins can buy you a beer – about $2. At the weekly feria (farmers market) a handful of coins can fill your bag with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.



¿Dónde Es Gregorio?

But even though it is great all the things you can buy here with pocket change, that is not the change I am talking about in this post. You may have been wondering why I have not been posting lately (probably not, I understand). Well there are a few good reasons, mostly behind the scenes stuff, like:

1) Getting to know a new blog theme that will help me organize the site better and will provide you with a much easier way to navigate through the pages and catagories. In addition to the navigation, and overall layout, I am working on a few more pages of information about Costa Rica and info that will help those researching a visit or a move here.

2) I have been working on a new logo – see below. I am not happy with it yet, but it is getting close (I would appreciate logo feedback – what do you think?). I like the idea of the representation of Costa Rica through mountains and surf, I like the Spanish punctuated question CuRious (with the C and R capitalized – a subtle way of signifying the sites name Costa Rica Curious), but I do not like the black abyss in the middle…I have some ideas but it is another thing on my plate.


3) I am working on a book. Scary I know, but true none-the-less. I am writing a fun little book about some of the things we have learned since we have been in Costa Rica, and sometimes the funny ways in which we have been “schooled”.

So, there you have it – my excuse(s) for not updating the blog more frequently.

Hasta Luego,





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