I have a confession…I must come out of the CLOS’et. That’s right, I now drink a cheap box-wine called Clos.  There are many, more expensive, choices of wine here but I think it will always be Clos for me. Let me explain how I got here.

Clos but no Cigar!

Before we moved to Costa Rica, my wife and I both had stressful lives but along with the stress came a nice disposable income…did I mention that we by-passed the whole kid thing? So, there was never a worry about coming home late, going out or hiring a sitter.  So we ate and drank well, ok that might confuse you – we did not drink well, we drank top shelf. So, the wine we chose for dinner almost always came in a bottle and if not it came in a wineglass or two. When we moved to Costa Rica we gave up that life of stress, worry, along with, incredible food, wine and yes, a nice cigar from time to time.

Now we have a fixed income….no, that is wrong. We have a fixed amount of money and our old ways have to stop for the new way to survive.  What is one to do? Luckily, when we got here to Costa Rica a friend in a trench coat said, “psst – want some wine?” to us and we listened and were introduced to Clos – Chilean Box Wine.


It’s not Good Wine but It’s Clos!

So yes, I am a cheap, box-wine drinker. Clos costs about 2300 Colones for a liter on sale or just over $5 for a LITER.  Reminds me of high school days and $2 bottles of Boones Farm, Strawberry Hill – sorry mom.  For that small sum, the wine even comes in more flavors than just Blanco and Rojo; you can get it in, Blanco, Merlot or Cabernet.  There might be another flavor or 2 that I don’t know of as well. The crazy thing is – in all honesty; it is a very drinkable, everyday table wine.

So there, I said it. Now you know my deepest, darkest secret.

In Clos’ing

You know, I am getting emails about the HOW post. How did we freakin’ move here – here is the short answer – by plane, of course. But seriously, the post above, if you remove the attempt at humor, gets you Clos…ok, ok…is a sneak peak at the HOW. It’s coming, sometime… but you may be disappointed in its simplicity. Plus, I am enjoying these “Fun” posts. Those that know me, know that this is more ME than the “serious” and informative posts I have written thus far, but I sure did appreciate the serious and informative posts when we were researching our move here so, hopefully I can find a happy medium and contribute both types of posts.

Bonus points to you for putting more Clos jokes in the comments.

Hasta Luego,


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