Costa Rica Chica – The Book

“As an expat living in Costa Rica, I found the book to be not only heartwarming and inspirational but also a great, practical resource.”
~ Jennifer Turnbull, co-author of Two Weeks In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Chica - The BookCosta Rica Chica

Follow Jen and Greg Seymour, two 40 somethings, as they choose the path less taken; retiring early and moving to Costa Rica.

Why they felt the need for a change.
Why they chose Costa Rica.
Their fears, failures and successes.

… and More

Costa Rica Chica is available on Amazon for Kindle and as a soft-cover.


“They discovered that the true treasures of joy and health appear in front of our very eyes once we let go of unnecessary material things, take a deep breath and jump into the welcoming unknown.”
~ Fabiana Martínez, Linguist