Costa Rica Curious Stats – Start Here


One of the things I learned managing a company was this:

“If you want to improve something, measure it.” has been live a little over a year and in that time I have built up a decent amount of traffic, got a couple of keywords ranked with Google, and had some traffic success, but then I stopped posting for a while and lost the momentum that was building.

I am ready to take it to the next level and to do so I am going to track a couple of Website and Social Media health statics and use these stats to help me direct my efforts to grow the readership of my blog.

My hope is that these monthly reports will help those that are looking to improve their own stats as well as to help keep me motivated to keep pushing forward. My plan is to detail the strategy for each month as well as the tools I used to accomplish the strategy and whether or not it worked.

Here are the stats I will track along with their starting values based on a starting point of the month of September 2014.

profile_120pxSocial Media

Twitter Followers                  20,600
Face Book Followers              1,675
Google + Followers                65



puzzle_120pxWebsite Barometers

Domain Authority                I have zero Domain Authority
Page Authority                      I have zero Page Authority
Google Page Rank                  2
Alexa Rank                             2,432,900 US/ CR -No Rank




Website Stats
Unique Visitors (New)          1,212
Returning Visitors                 372
Page Views                             2,771
Subscribers                            Zero



balloon_120pxTraffic Sources

Social Media                           36%
Direct                                      12%
Search                                     52%


So, there you have it – my starting stats through the end of September. At the end of October I will add the stats for the month and indicate positive and negative changes as well as telling you what I did to achieve the positive results… we will ignore the negative results.