Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse, animal rich places on the earth. Knowing this fact, when I moved here, I expected to see animals everywhere I went. That is certainly true of the birds in Costa Rica– I get to see, and photograph, a wide variety of birds on a daily basis. However, living in the mountains at a higher elevation I do not get to see some of the types of animals most often associated with Costa Rica; the mammals – monkey’s and sloth’s etc…

This blog post shares with you some of my favorite mammal pictures from 2013. We will start with the most frequently seen mammals, at least in my area – the exotic, domesticated cat and dog. The cat picture below (one of my favorites) was taken one day when I was walking with a friend around downtown Grecia. We stopped to take a photo of this cat and the owner wanted to show us how it could hang on the fence. As I zoomed in for the picture I noticed the eyes, beautiful and multicolored.

Cat with multicolored eyes hanging on a fence

I take a daily hike of several miles and because there is no shortage of dogs in Costa Rica, it is inevitable that I see many dogs on each walk. This dog likes to follow me for a while every time I pass by HIS house, and by follow I mean nip at my heels.

Perro Bravo

Manuel Antonio park is a great place to see some of the animals that Costa Rica is most known for. We recently took a trip there and I was able to get some shots off that have become favorites.

Sloth’s  can be very difficult find and photograph as they don’t move much and are usually high up in a tree and camouflaged with branches and leaves. One of our friends acted as our tour guide in Manuel Antonio and pointed out this very photogenic sloth.

Sloth in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica


MA Sloth 2


Another “Must See” animal in Costa Rica is the monkey. Manuel Antonio Park is home to 4 different types of monkeys – The Squirrel Monkey, Howler Monkey, Spider Monkey and White Headed Capuchin. On our trip we were fortunate to see, and photograph, 3 of the 4. Below are 2 of the types of monkey we saw, the White Headed Capuchin and Spider Monkey – the Howler didn’t make the cut.

White Faced Capuchin


White Faced Monkey


Squirrel Monkey


We have been in Costa Rica for 6 months now and have already seen a lifetime of beautiful birds, mammals, reptiles and landscapes (2 lifetimes worth of bugs, but we won’t mention that). Stay tuned next week for my last post of the year  – the rest of my favorite photos of 2013; reptiles, landscapes and flowers.

Feliz Navidad,




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