As 2013 draws to a close, I wanted to create a couple of blog posts of my favorite pictures that I have taken since moving to Costa Rica in June of this year. This post profiles my favorite bird photos. They might not be the very best of photos but there is something in each of them that I find appealing; it may be the sense of wonder I had when I took them or just a unique view of something ordinary but each of these pictures have weaseled their way into my heart. I hope you like them.

Photography is for the Birds

Costa Rica is a mecca for the birder. Over 800 bird species have been recorded with the large majority of those birds being resident in Costa Rica. I love photographing birds. It is challenging and frustrating and when you get a good shot it is exciting. Here are some of my favorites from this year.

Clay Colored Thrush

The Clay Colored Thrush is Costa Rica’s National Bird. This one is singing his heart out.

The most common bird I see in the Central Valley is the Kiskadee or the Fly-Catcher. The one in the sequence below was snapped at our first home in Costa RIca. This guy was diving into the pool, either for bugs or for his bath, I am not sure. If you look closely at the middle picture you will see him completely submerged. This is an example of a not so great photo that I just love.

Kiskadee diving into a pool

Another Kiskadee - This one in the rain.

Another Kiskadee – This one in the rain.

Another common bird sometimes seen, but mostly heard, in the Central Valley is the Crimson Fronted Parakeet. At first I mistook these squawkers for Parrots but I was corrected.

Crimson Fronted Parakeet

Crimson Fronted Parakeet

One of the things I am coming to love about Costa Rica is the sheer amount and variety of hummingbirds. I have not mastered the art of getting the shot while they are flying but when they are sitting still (which is not very frequently) I can get a decent picture.





I love those few times I can get a good shot off of a bird in flight. The photo below is an example of that. I am not sure what the bird is but I like the photo.

Bird in Flight


I hope you enjoyed the photos. Next week I will post my favorite mammal pictures of the year.

Feliz Navidad,










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