Benny Lewis, the author of the Fluent in 90 Days Premium program, is a polyglot from Ireland who speaks 12 languages. After struggling to learn another language in University he set out on his own to figure out how to learn, or hack languages. His goal for each language he learns is simple: be conversant within 90 days. Sometimes he achieves this objective and sometimes he fails. Rather than being a course in how to learn a specific language, Fluent in 90 Days Premium teaches you the tricks, the hacks, that Benny has distilled over the past decade of learning languages. The program teaches you to learn a language faster.

All language learning requires active participation. While some learning can take place through osmosis and interaction when you are in the country of your target language, real progress can only be had by working. Fluent in 90 Days Premium is no different. The program is best suited for the self motivated, self starter. The program gives you the tools to help you plan your attack on a language, and it provides you with motivation and support, but you have to be able to set goals and work towards them in order to achieve your language learning objectives.

The reason I recommend Fluent in 90 Days Premium is because when I set out to learn Spanish and was looking for a program, I found this one and I really liked the idea of learning HOW to learn a language. I figured it would supercharge my learning, so I bought it. After reading through the material and utilizing it I found it helpful it my quest to learn Spanish and I think others will find it helpful so I became an affiliate. With all of that being said there are 2 negatives I can think of for this program.

  • Cost – while cost is relative, $97 for a program that teaches you how to set goals, be organized, how to immerse yourself in a language even when you are still living in your native country, etc. may seem high. The same can be said of any informational product.
  • DIY Information – the other negative is that ALL of the information in this program can be found on the Internet. Once again, this is true of, nearly, every single informational product that exists. The benefit, for me at least, is time. I would much rather pay the $100 to have an expert, who thinks about learning languages as their job, put together the information I need rather than spend several hours compiling the information myself – and potentially following information that could be detrimental to my learning.

2013 was a great year for Benny and for Fluent in 90 Days. Benny gave 2 TEDx talks (links below) and was awarded the National Geographic Traveler of the Year award.

TEDx Talk – San Antonio

TEDx Talk – Warsaw

National Geographic Traveler of the Year is a website that offers Free language learning resources such as:

A Dictionary

Verb Conjugator

Language Games

and Forums

Another excellent Free Spanish learning website is The site offers an addicting sentence maker – you enter a word and it generates multiple sentences in the target language. The site also offers Free self-study programs along with the requisite dictionary and conjugator. provides a very addictive game app for your iPhone or Android phone. DuoLingo prides itself on being 100% free – no ads, no selling and no fees. A college-level education without the price tag.

Load up your iPod or MP3 player with tons of free Podcasts of Spanish conversations. – has 80 podcasts that take you from beginner to intermediate Spanish learning. Podcasts are free but you can purchase the accompanying learning materials.

Spanish-Only-Spanish Podcast on iTunes is great for those with a basic level to help with sentence structure and accent.

SLOW DOWN – News in Slow Spanish – offers Free podcasts of Latin American Spanish at a slower speed.