Three years ago, when my wife Jen and I left corporate America for Costa Rica, we had only a rough idea of what our future would hold. We knew the treadmill of earn-more and spend-more was no longer what we wanted. We had several years of savings built up to provide us flexibility and to allow us to find out what it was we wanted to be, now that we were grown ups.

With time came inspiration and we both found passions to follow, and with some of these new hobbies, we learned to make a bit of money. I found an interest in birding and photography, Jen learned to make and market hand-knotted jewelry. We have learned to enjoy each other’s company again, and we relish long hikes in the mountains of the Central Valley. Also, we have both penned books and written articles for online and print publications. Jen has just released her third book (which is what this post is about) and I am slowly making my way through my second.

We have determined this way of life suits us well. We are not lazy nor are we overworked. We value time and experiences over money and possessions. And we are having fun and enjoying ourselves.

It is with this background that I want to tell you about Jen’s latest writing effort. Life Outside the Cubicle is not about living in Costa Rica. We live here, yes, and the first part of the book discusses how we got here and Jen’s regrets regarding corporate life, but the book is really about escape. Escaping the soul-stealing work-life that people label The American Dream.

Living in Costa Rica has allowed us the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people who are forging lives that matter, and who put living before working. It is these stories, along with the story of Jen’s exit, which are told in the book.

In it you will meet:

John Noltner – a photographer who wanted to share with the world what peace means to him and others.

Chris and Emily – a family with two young children traveling the globe and giving the kids an education like no other.

Cheryl Howard – a single woman from Canada who found her calling in Germany’s capital city.

Matt and Jenn – fellow Costa Rica expats who found a new life in Central America.

Yeison and Samantha – bloggers who have built an incredible business that has allowed them to travel extensively throughout Costa Rica and the world.

Adam and Kristin – found a way to move their careers online and now move freely about the U.S.

Dave and Jen – left their careers to bike through Europe. They enjoyed it so much they are now biking from South America to the United States.

Will and Jessica – another family moving about the world with children, currently in Ecuador.

Each of the interviews go into detail on the why’s and how’s of each participants life outside the box. They discuss both the struggles they experience in the life they chose as well as the freedom it has allowed.

If you have been dreaming of saying goodbye to the rat race and wondering just how the hell people do it, Life Outside the Cubicle is the answer. It will give you real life examples and will motivate you to take action.

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