Monkeys 232x300The paperback of my book is now available for purchase. And while Amazon makes it very difficult to compete with them on eBooks, I have a lot more flexibility on pricing and packaging on the soft cover.

Right now if you purchase Living in and Visiting Costa Rica in soft cover here on my website, for only $8 (plus $4 shipping), not only will you save $2 off the retail price at Amazon, but I am going to throw in a free eBook of 20 additional tips for free.

Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase the paperback through PayPal (sorry, but this offer is only good for those in the U.S., and even then, just the lower 48).

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A Bit About the Book

After choosing to retire early to Costa Rica, we devoured every book and blog out there about Costa Rica. We read Costa Rican news sources, participated in forums (well, I lurked while Jen participated), and we read and laughed at the pettiness on the Costa Rica expat Facebook pages. If it had a subject of living in or visiting Costa Rica, we read it.

One thing we found was that most of the written material available on Costa Rica either discussed the minutia of rating locations and restaurants and hotels, or discussed the author’s journey to Costa Rica.

What seemed to be missing was a resource that covered what to expect in daily situations:

  • What is it like walking into a bank in Costa Rica and what do I need to know about it? Surprisingly, quite a lot.
  • How do I get the best deal on groceries?
  • What do I do if I have a car accident?
  • How is the grocery

Simple questions, really, but there was not a ready source for what I should expect in daily situations.

Since it was missing, I wrote it. Those of you who read Costa Rica Curious know 2 things about me: that I call things like I see them, and that I tend to write in a humorous style. These traits are also seen throughout the book.

The book has been well received and has been a number one seller in the Central America Travel category. If you are interested in the eBook version of the book click below to buy it from Amazon.

Number One

5 Star Reviews for Living in and Visiting Costa Rica

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There are a ton more 5 Star reviews on Amazon, but you get the picture. People are finding this book valuable. So what are you waiting for? Buy the paper back now – Just $8 + $4 shipping. Once you pay through PayPal you will be sent a link to a free eBook – giving you 20% more tips free.

For those who want Living in and Visiting Costa Rica in eBook format, you can buy it from Amazon HERE. Sorry, I am not able to offer any discount or anything free with the eBook – Amazon is stingy that way.

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