THIS IS FINALOk, maybe not in print – yet, but Jen just finished her book – Costa Rica Chica. 

Currently available at Amazon for Kindle (soon to be in paperback and formatted for Nook).

The book walks you through, in a lighthearted story-telling way, the factors that lead us to consider options other than working ourselves into an early grave. One of those options, and obviously the one we chose, was to move to a foreign country.

I am a bit of a spur-of-the-moment type of guy and as soon as the thought of moving to a foreign country crossed my mind, back in late 2011, I was ready to sell all our stuff and fly off to a country I had never been to. Jen is much more methodical and cautious. The book does a great job of walking you through this decision process.

Time is spent covering our 10 day due diligence trip in January of 2012 and the final decision to Just Do It. After that final decision it took a year and a half to research the move, sell all our stuff, and wind down our careers in Dallas.

After some tough decisions, we finally arrive in Grecia Mid – June of 2013 only to be called back home 5 days later for a family emergency. The book ends about 3 months into our new life here in Costa Rica.

If you are looking for a motivating, easy read about a couple who ditched their jobs, sold everything and moved to Costa Rica, well I think you just might like:

Costa Rica Chica
Retiring Early, Simplifying my Life, & Realizing That Less is Best 

Some tidbits for those who may be interested in publishing their own book:

Jen self-published through the Amazon KDP program and found the process pretty straightforward.
Jen designed the cover herself. The photo was taken from the El Mirador on the San Miguel ridge outside of Grecia.
During week one she sold 118 books with the best day being 38 books sold.
The book stayed in the #1 position in 3 categories for the first 4 days.

I hope you get a chance to buy a copy and read our story – it will help fund my ever-growing chicharrón habit.

Hasta Pronto,


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