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I love hiking. One of the great things about my hikes, other than the health benefits, is that I get to see many things.  Walking down farm roads, through finca’s and even on the main road that goes by our home, allows me to commune with nature and say hi to neighbors as I go by or they pass me in their vehicles.

This morning I was fortunate to run into a very rare bird. As a matter of fact, this is the second time this week that I have been witness to this variety of rare bird.

Most people who are looking for a rare bird in Costa Rica are looking for the Resplendent Quetzal (a male is pictured to the left). This beautiful bird is found throughout Central America but is difficult to for the average person to find and they are secretive and are listed as Near Threatened on the endangered species list. The Aztecs and Mayans venerated the bird and the Quetzal was treated as a god .

But this is not the rare bird I saw. The one I saw went right past me as I was hiking up the road to my house. I quickly identified it from by its song. The Greater Muffled Motorcycle has a nice, almost pleasant, constant song. Compared to its distant cousin the Common Unmuffled Motorcycle, with its annoying, non-stop ear-splitting whine, the rare Muffled Motorcycle was a welcome sight…ehr, sound.

Because of seeing 2 of these rare birds in one week, I wonder if there is a captive breeding program nearby or if it was just luck to see them instead of their close relative.  I sure hope so. I would love to see the Greater Muffled Motorcycle replace the Common Unmuffled Motorcycle in Costa Rica. One can dream.



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