HappierIn early 2011 I was trying to figure out my next move, career-wise. For various reasons I wanted out of the job I was in (sounds like a good topic for a blog-post).  While considering buying a business, traveling the US in an RV, taking up sailing (that is actually pretty funny if you know me) or taking time off and hiking the Appalachian Trail I came across the book Happier than a Billionaire and because the subtitle was Living the Zero Hour Work Week – I was putting in 50 to 60 hour weeks at the time – and because the price was right, $2.99 I bought and read it. Read is the wrong word, I devoured it. The adventures of Nadine and Rob made me laugh and by the end of the book I was thinking, “if they can do it, so can we”.  A little while after reading the book I wrote the following review on Amazon, where I purchased the book for Kindle.


“Not A How To But a Why Do

Warning…if you read this book you will want to move to Costa Rica but won’t know how to do it.

Do not purchase this book thinking you are buying a road map on how to retire to Costa Rica. Doing so would be like using Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woods to plan your through hike of the Appalachian Trail. Instead of telling you the best way of retiring to CR the author takes you through her and her husbands humorous journey from frustrated business owners to frustrated gringos. Despite all the transitional pain of learning to live in a new culture, the author finds that the beauty, pace and freedom of living in CR gives her the happiness she was looking for.

This book will make you laugh and at the very least, make you want to visit CR but most likely it will make you want to ditch your job and move there. If it is not clear…I highly recommend Happier than a Billionaire.

– G Seymour”

Happier Again

Shortly, after this review was written, Jen and I decided to make an exploratory trip to Costa Rica to see if was a “fit” for us and vise-versa. So, in January of 2012 we did just that and found Costa Rica was a fit and we started to research and plan. It took a year and a half to sell our stuff and wrap up our work and to move.

We arrived at our new home of Grecia in June 2013 and after living here for several weeks I re-read Happier Than a Billionaire. I found the book just as funny as before but the stories seemed to be more real. Stories where I was sure the author used artistic license now seem to be more plausible to me. While reading I got that feeling of excitement again that I felt on my first reading – the excitement of adventure of doing something that many talk about doing but few do. I felt the excitement of being here, in Costa Rica and of starting a different kind of life, one unimaginable until several years ago.

The book is equally suited to travelers, action takers and dreamers. But if you have the itch and willingness to make a change this book may just be the straw you need to break the camels back. It was very much that for us.

Disclaiming the Disclaimer

Just a quick note of my non-association with the Happier book or its authors; as we say in Texas, I don’t have a dog in that hunt. I get nothing, but the satisfaction of recommending a book that I enjoyed, from writing this post.

Your Help

GregReaders, I am really enjoying writing. It is something I have never really done for pleasure and while I am re-learning where all the commas and apostrophes go, I am truly enjoying taking an idea and seeing where my mind takes it.

For this post 2 things happened that gave me the idea to write it. Ann, a Face Book friend, the other day made a comment to me on FB and mentioned Bill Bryson’s book, A Walk in the Woods and that made me remember the review I had written. Then, a few days later another FB friend, Jana, sent me an email and said she was looking at buying Happier and saw that my comment was featured on Amazon. Synchronicity.

With all that said – if you have an idea or a question or just a comment please share it with me and it might turn into a post. Those who have sent their requests via the request hot line, please be patient. I will write…I am just so busy living that sometimes it takes a bit of time to get to.

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