This week Steve Friedman takes a hard look at his life at the beach and realizes that he has a moral obligation to those who are living with Winter in the States.

Steve and Martha Friedman moved to Costa Rica  from Denver Colorado last year after retiring. They are currently living in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. Steve blogs at his satirical site here.

If you think that life here in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica is just one big beach ball, you’ve  got it dead wrong! For example, just the other day, I was feeling a little tired  that morning after a full day of sailing, snorkeling, and drinking Mai Tai’s yesterday. So I told my wife “Honey, I don’t think I’m going to go to the beach today, I’m just too tired. “

Well did she tell me a thing or two.  Here is what she said to me!

“Right now somewhere in  Toronto, Syracuse NY, Minneapolis, yes, and even Ohio, there are people trudging through cold biting winds, and huge snow drifts thinking, “If only I could get out of here and go someplace warm like….Costa Rica!  I’d go to the beach every day and just hang out in the warm ocean waves and hot sand…..far away from this biting cold and snow.” They aren’t thinking “Feh, it’s a little  hot today, I’m a little tired –maybe I’ll skip the beach walk and swim today”. No siree, they aren’t thinking that at all. They’re thinking how good you have it here, how you don’t have to bundle up in 8 layers of underwear just to walk the dog. They’re looking at Calendar photos of beach scenes and wishing they were here  in your sandals right now! So, get off your hinny Mr. “I’m too tired to go to the beach today”, and put on those beach sandals and swim suit and get going. You have a moral duty to those less fortunate than you …..those poor unfortunate souls shivering in cold cars and vesitbules  right now wanting nothing but a warm place to sit.“

Well that got me going, but  let me tell you , this is no easy task doing this day in and day out with not even the slightest hope of a “Snow Day” to get some time off!

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