Shop at Amazon is a favorite shopping site for many people. Not only does Amazon typically have the least expensive price for the brand and item you are looking for, but you are able to read multiple reviews on the item to assist you in your research.

If you click on product links throughout CostaRicaCurious it will most likely take you to an link. I get paid a commission whenever a purchase is made through one of my links- typically between 4-6% for driving traffic to Amazon. Luckily for you this does not change the price of the item you purchase as the commission is built in and will be paid to someone, I like that to be me.

Basically the way it works is this, you click on a link that is on my site and if you purchase something, anything from Amazon within 24 hours I get credit.

I wrote this page to let you know that there are affiliate links throughout my website and I make a commission when you shop from any of those links – regardless if you buy the item I have linked.

Thank you, as always for your support,