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Almost never does anyone ask, “Greg, how can I support”

And so I thought I would address the unasked question.

This blog was not started to make money. It was started as an outlet for me to share my unique outlook of our experiences in deciding to move to Costa Rica, our move here, and our daily lives.

As I spend more time and money working on the blog I am beginning to consider ways to montize my efforts – and it is more difficult than you might think. Not only is there hosting to pay monthly, but tools to manage my subscribers, and to grow my presence on Social Media. Add to the cost of running a website, the time needed to keep the blog up to date, organized and tweaked. One last thing – through the blog I am providing information that many have additional questions about – so I get emails, with lots of questions.

I am happy to answer emails. In fact, if you have reached out to me via Email you will have noticed that I am very responsive – usually answering in a couple of hours (a remnant from my working life). I am happy to help – for free. But, I am making this page for those who are looking for a way to help me back.


Here is the short list of ways this blog is monitized.

amazonPurchasing through links on Costa Rica Curious to is probably the easiest way to help the cause. Just about everyone uses Amazon for something. Not only can you get a wide range of products, but you can read many reviews, and normally, Amazon has the best price when compared to other online retailers.

The way it works is simple – when you click on a link, like the one above that has my affiliate code in it, and you make a purchase, I make a 4 – 8% commission – based on how many items I sold that month. Your price is the same whether you buy through my link or directly through Amazon.

One of the draw backs to this affiliate program is that the cookie is only good for 24 hours. So if you go to Amazon through my link and comeback a couple of days later and buy something, I do not get credit.

The good news is you can buy anything on Amazon – you do not have to buy the product I linked. All of the items I link are items that I recommend. I bought them (or was given them to review), I use them, and I recommend them. These include all the books I have reviewed as well as some nifty products like the Electrocutioner and Weighted Hula-Hoop in the 5 Most Gringo Things posts.

Buy a Blogger a Beer

Another easy way to support this site is Buy a Blogger a Beer.

If you click on beer to the left it will take you to PayPal and a screen asking you to complete your $3 payment. I will drink that beer… Promise.



I am also an affiliate for Pimsleur Language products.

I use Pimsluer, most frequently, on my hikes as I can set my iPod up with the lesson I want to work on and then I can amuse the Ticos as I hike by practicing my vocabulary and sentence structure – Out Loud.

Click the link below to try Pimsleur for Free.
Pimsleur Spanish Free Lesson

This website is build using the LUCID Theme from Elegant Themes and I use other themes from Elegant Themes portfolio on my other sites. They are simply excellent, robust, and easy to manage and they have something for everyone.

Finally, I have installed Google Adsence on the website. This delivers ads to you based on your recent searches. I get paid if the ad is relevant enough for you to click on it for additional information.

By clicking on, and purchasing any of the products from any of the links on this page I make a commission. With that being said – I use all of these products daily and would never recommend something that I am not 100% happy with (like my hosting service).

Thanks for reading my blog and web pages –  and thank you for your support.