Crimson Fronted Parakeet El Cajon de Grecia Costa RicaParrot’ing

In the States, to my non-tropical mind, every colorful bird was a Parrot. I thought a Scarlet Macaw was a Parrot, I thought Parakeets were Parrots and I thought Parrots were Parrots.  So, once we arrived in our new home of Grecia and started getting used to the sounds and sights of different birds; I thought these noisy neighbors were Parrots.

I have been corrected and now know that the birds pictured in this blog are called Crimson Fronted Parakeets (also called the Finsche’s Parakeet). They are found in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and parts of Costa Rica. They are the most common Parakeet seen (HEARD) in the Central Valley.


Pretty is as Pretty Does

Flocks of these squawky creatures frequent gardens and forest edges often finding rest in Palm and Erythrina trees. These birds are very fond of my elevation, street and house. They are mostly fond of this area at about 5:30am while I am trying to get just a few more minutes sleep. They look pretty but their squawk is shrill.

Crimson Fronted Parakeet El Cajon de Grecia Costa Rica

I have never seen just one of these birds flying alone. It is usually a herd but occasionally you will see 2 flying along and looking for their mates. Many times you will just hear them and not be able to pinpoint where they are.

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All of the pictures taken on this page are of Crimson Fronted Parakeets and they like a certain tree at the front of the home where I stay. When their squawking sounds wake me, I have no choice but to get up and go shoot them…I hope you like the shots.

Crimson Fronted Parakeet at El Cajon de Grecia Costa Rica


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