Costa Rica Waterfall – Catarata del Toro 6

Catarata del Toro – a Costa Rican waterfall that really does not get the attention that it deserves. While the waterfall can be hard to get to – directions to the waterfall park are tricky and, once there, the hike down to the pool is very difficult (not for the faint of heart, literally) – […]


Costa Rican Colones Coins

Change is Good 18

I love the change in Costa Rica. Maybe because it is the only thing Jen lets me have in my pocket; that’s a good thing too – if you knew my spending habits, you would agree. It’s not that I don’t want to be frugal. In fact, I am frugal – very frugal – when […]

Rare Bird Seen in Costa Rica 33

I love hiking. One of the great things about my hikes, other than the health benefits, is that I get to see many things.  Walking down farm roads, through finca’s and even on the main road that goes by our home, allows me to commune with nature and say hi to neighbors as I go […]

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Spanish Sundays – Número Seis 2

I’m Back! Miss me? Well I have been out and about and having a good time being retired and while I have been learning Spanish, in my own unique way, I have neglected my friends Paco y Lola. In fact I have only read a couple of additional pages since we last spoke. I am […]

Spanish Sundays – Número Cinco 4

When I set out this year to really hunker down and learn some Spanish, I followed one of the tactics from the Fluent in 3 Months Plus program that I had purchased. That tactic was to create blog posts in order to document my strategy to learn, as well as my struggles learning and to […]

Paco y Lola wine

Free Ebooks

5 Sources for Free eBooks for Expats 10

I love books. I love the feel of a book in my hands while reading; the heft. I love turning pages and (gasp) dog-earing pages I want to come back to. I love marking up books and basically wearing them out. More than the love of books, however, is the love to read.   When […]

5 Costa Rican Misnomers 44

Words Mean Things  (maybe just not what you think) In my former working life, among many other things, I managed a sales team; over the years it was interesting how the title of the sales position changed…modifying it from Sales Guy to a word that had no correlation to the word “Sales” at all. The […]

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Spanish Sundays – Número Quatro 2

Ok – so, to be honest I took last week off. Jen’s mom was visiting from Wisconson and we did touristy things that did not require practicing Spanish. I know, I know – I could have practiced anyway and that is why I am telling you…a sort of confession. I did teach Mary (Jen’s mom) […]

Spanish Sundays – Número Tres 8

Todays Spanish Sunday post will be brief – it will be as short as the amount of time as I spent on Spanish this week. The week started with some sort of stomach bug or virus that put me on the couch for 3 days. A wise person, or at least, one that was truly […]


$7 Feria

Costa Rica Cost of Living – Playing with My Food 62

Can I Live in Costa Rica on $X, XXX? The answer to that question, in all honesty is, “I don’t know – can you?” One of the frustrating things about quitting our jobs and moving to Costa Rica, was trying to plan our budget; trying to pin down exactly how much certain things cost here […]

Spanish Sundays – Número Dos 22

Welcome back to Spanish Sundays; my way of holding myself accountable to my goal of being able to carry on a conversation in Spanish by the end of the year. It is also a way to help others who might be starting a language program, by sharing tips and tricks I am learning along the […]

It's all about attitude…Right?

Bad Spanish

Spanish Sundays 8

  Welcome to Spanish Sundays When we decided to move to Costa Rica we determined that we wanted to learn the language. We didn’t want to be one (two) of those gringos who lived in a foreign country and never learned the language; who never even tried. Six months into our retirement in Costa Rica […]

My Favorite Photos From 2013 – Everything Else 20

In the last 2 posts I featured my favorite photos from 2013. First I featured my favorites in the Bird category, then last week, my favorite Mammal photos from this year. This post will be my last article of the year…unless I somehow get very motivated. Like I said, this will be the last post […]

MA Beach

Sloth in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

My Favorite Photos from 2013 – The Mammals 12

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse, animal rich places on the earth. Knowing this fact, when I moved here, I expected to see animals everywhere I went. That is certainly true of the birds in Costa Rica- I get to see, and photograph, a wide variety of birds on a daily basis. However, […]

My Favorite Photos From 2013 – The Birds 10

As 2013 draws to a close, I wanted to create a couple of blog posts of my favorite pictures that I have taken since moving to Costa Rica in June of this year. This post profiles my favorite bird photos. They might not be the very best of photos but there is something in each […]


2 American Crocodiles in the Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Most Dangerous River 2

Crocs, The Reason to Stop The Tárcoles River or the Río Grande de Tárcoles, is a river in Costa Rica best known as a mid-way point on the route from the central valley to Jaco beach. There is nothing too great about the unassuming, dirty brown river, unless you like to see American Crocodiles in […]

Sarchi, Costa Rica – Factory Tour

Sarchi, Costa Rica, is known for several things: The World Record Ox Cart that Sits in the Towns Center A Copious Amount of Furniture Stores and Factories Art and Artisans Coffee Finca’s We recently stopped by Sarchi when my mom was visiting and one of the cool things we did was tour the ox cart […]

Painting the Cart

The Blind Masseuse - Alden Jones - Book Cover

The Blind Masseuse – An Interview With Author Alden Jones 4

One of the newfound benefits of writing a blog is that sometimes I am contacted and asked if I want to read a book – either to review, or in this case, interview the author.  I love to read and I really love to read stories that take place in my new back yard as […]

UPE – A Blessing or A Curse 9

At home in Dallas, if our doorbell rang and we were not expecting anyone, 9 times out of 10 the person ringing the doorbell was selling something; Girl scout cookies (quick fact: Girl Scouts earns $37 million in membership revenue fees, but over $714 million from cookie sales), cable services, selling signing a political petition […]

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Grecia’s Heavy Metal Church 4

Grecia’s church, Iglesia de la Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, is arguably, the most interesting structure in Grecia. Whether or not she is in the physical center of the town is of no matter, the church is the center of Grecia. The church is the center of most towns in Costa Rica; the towns social […]